How should the carpet be washed?

How should the carpet be washed?
Carpet & Rug Types

It is used in entrances, corridors, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, in short, in every area of the house. Therefore, it is one of the most polluted items. Washable carpets provide great convenience for carpet cleaning with their types that can be washed in washing machines.

How many degrees are carpets washed?

If we answer the question, carpets are generally washed in the machine at 30 degrees. It is also very important that the color does not fade after washing, the fabric is not damaged, and it does not pile up. For this reason, the selection of machine-washed carpets should be done correctly.

Washable Carpet Models

There are many options such as machine washable carpet models, classic or modern design, cotton washable carpet, non-slip washable carpet, round or rectangular washable carpet.

It is also important for machine washable carpet models to be thin and ideally sized so that they can fit in the machine. In addition, the prices of washable carpets vary according to the product models.

Washable Carpet Features

Machine-washed carpets are usually light and thin. Washable carpets, which can have fabrics such as cotton, viscose, acrylic, can be easily cleaned even if they are 4 square meters or 6 square meters, thanks to their fine structure.

Machine washable carpet models and prices also vary according to features such as fabric structure, cut quality, length of feathers and design. Washable carpets with non-slip soles are generally produced for bathrooms and kitchens.

With or without fringes, with a wide range of color options and modern designs, washable carpets with non-slip soles are one of the stylish and useful items in homes.

How should the carpet be washed?

How about machine washable carpet? Although the answer to this question varies from carpet to carpet, most carpets should be washed at 30 degrees without wringing. Also, fabric softener should not be used for washable thin carpets if they are made of 100% cotton. In addition, if it is not desired to be thrown into the washing machine, it can be cleaned with carpet washing shampoos.

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